Professional Memberships:

    • American Economic Association, USA.
    • Arab Society for Economic Research, Egypt.
    • Economic Research Forum, Egypt.
    • International Input-Output Association, Austria.
    • Post-Keynesian Economic Study Group, UK.
    • Royal Economic Society, U.K.


    My Current Economic Assignments:

    1. On my capacity as an economic advisor to the Ministry of Finance (MOF), I Prepare, and write the full monthly economic report. The report includes the last economic developments on four fronts: domestic, oil market, US, and European Union.
    2. A member of the yearly panel discussion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team, responsible for the article IV report. The discussion covers, among others, the latest economic developments in the state of Kuwait, in term of GDP, Balance of Payments, labour market, projects performance, economic plan, and other related issues.
    3. Discuss, regularly, the Kuwait’s macroeconomic performance with the representative of the three Credit Rating agencies (Fitch, Standards & Poor’s and Mood’s). The discussions cover the developments of: GDP, inflation, balance of payments, and oil market developments.
    4. Represent the Ministry in a number of technical meetings with other domestic economic authorities, such as: Central Statistical Office, Public Authority for Industry, Higher Council for Planning and Development.
    5. Cooperate with the Debt Management section, attached to the MOF, to evaluate the economic repercussions of debt, and Kuwait debt sustainability.

    Training Programmes:

    1. Industrial Policies
    2. Industrial Project Appraisal, with the Use COMFAR Software.
    3. Economic Appraisal of Projects
    4. System of National Accounts
    5. Input – Output: Techniques and Analysis
    6. Constructing Supply Use Table
    7. Regional Integration
    8. World Trade Organization
    9. Economic Reform Programmed: An Evaluation
    10.  Balance of Payments and Foreign Trade
    11.  Growth and Development Economies
    12.  Institutional Reform

    Expert Meetings:

    Organises several Expert Meetings, viz., Idle Industrial Capacities in the Arab Countries, Small-Scale Industries in the Arab Countries, the Integration of Environmental Considerations in Economic Planning, Water Crisis in the Arab Countries, Informal Sector and its Role in Arab Countries, Restructuring Industrial Sector in Arab Countries, and non-performing manufacturing industries in Arab Countries.

    Public Lectures:

    1. The Impact of the Oil Price Decline on Development: The Case of Kuwait, Citizenship and Development Society, Kuwait, March, 2016.
    2. Public Expenditure Rationalization in the Era of Oil Price Reduction, Ministry of Finance, Muscat, Oman, November, 2015.
    3. Why Developing Countries Failed to Develop? Arab Planning Institute, 2011.
    4. Development Concepts with Main Reference to Arab Countries, Public Lecture Presented at American University of Kuwait, 2009.
    5. Business Environment and the Role of Private Sectors, Arab Planning Institute, 2008.
    6. Development Crises: Economic Policies and External Factors, Arab Planning Institute, 2007.
    7. Mushrooming Free Trade Areas with Reference to the Arabian Case, Arab Planning Institute, 2007.
    8. Environmental National Accounting: The Case of Iraq, Arab Planning Institute, 2005.


    1. Sudanese National Strategy on Public Debt Management: An Evaluation, Khartoum – Sudan, 2016.
    2. Member of the Advisory Economic Committee to the Minister of Finance, The State of Kuwait, February 2014.
    3. Member of the Working Group on Preparing the Medium-Term Development Plan 2015/2016-2019/2020, The Supreme Council for Planning and Development, The State of Kuwait, Since February 2014.
    4. Higher Council for Planning and Development, The State of Kuwait, Recurrent Consultancies.
    5. Ministry of Education, The Kingdom of Bahrain, October-November, 2013
    6. Ministry of Economy, United Arab Emirates, November 2011.
    7. Ministry of Finance, Khartoum, Sudan, June 2011.
    8. Dubai Economic Council, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2008.
    9. Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad, Khartoum, Sudan, February, 2007.
    10. Ministry of Planning, Kuwait, September, 2006 – March 2007.
    11. Endowment General Secretariat, Kuwait, May, 1995 – September 1997.
    12. Industry Promotion and Subsidy Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait, September-November 1993.
    13. Ministry of Planning and Environment, Republic of Maldives, sponsored by the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, May 1988 and June 1990.
    14. Bahrain Center for Studies and Research, Bahrain, July 1988.

    Books Review:

    1. Cherif, R., R. Hasanov, and M. Zhu, 2016, Breaking the Oil Spell: The Gulf Falcons’ Path to Diversification, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C., Journal of Social Sciences, December, 2016.
    2. Economic Value of Peace, Economics and Peace Institute, Australia, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, January, 2017.
    3. Stiglitz, J. Freefall, America, and the Sinking of the World Economy, W.W. Norton & Company Ltd., 2010, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, January 2014.
    4. Tawfik, A. and I. Elbadawi, The Global Economic Crisis and Consequences for Development Strategy in Dubai, Palgrave, 2012, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, July, 2013.
    5. The writer of the blurb on the back cover of the book entitled: “The Global Economic Crises and Consequences for Development Strategies in Dubai”, published by Palgrave, Macmillan, 2012.
    6. Chang, HA-Joon, 2010, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, Penguin Books, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, No.1, January,2011.
    7. United Nations Development Programme, 2009, Arab Human Development Report 2009, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, No.1, January,2009.
    8. William Easterly, The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good?, The Penguin Press, New York, 2006, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, No. 1, January, 2009.
    9. Abdel Khalek, Stabilization and Adjustment in Egypt: Reform or De-Industrialization?, Edward Elgar, 2001, Journal of Development and Economic Policies, Dec. ‏2001.
    10. N. Mathur, Why Developing Countries Fail to Develop, Macmillan Press, London, 1988, Arab Economic Journal, Autumn, 1993.
    11. Azzam, Arabian Gulf Economies in Transition, Journal of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies, Kuwait, Jan. 1992.

    Contact  Details:

    Dr. Ahmed Al Kawaz

    Economic Advisor


    Mobile: 965 99842400